Praise for the Leo Trio

  • “A shoot-margarita-out-your-nose funny collection of 32 different travel essays stretching across the globe and into every area of embarrassment that you’re thankful didn’t happen to you.”
    —Playgirl, (The Thong Also Rises)

    “A collection of ridiculous and sublime travel experiences.”
    —San Francisco Chronicle Best-Seller List, (Sand in My Bra )

    “These snappy travel stories bursting with candor and crackling humor are sure to leave readers feeling that to not have an adventure to remember is a great loss indeed.” —Publishers Weekly, (Sand in My Bra )

    “The whimsy, the weighty, and the wild-eyed. Whose Panties Are These? delivers thirty-one more humorous, sometimes raunchy essays from exotic places, in anatomically correct detail. The writers are mostly professional journalists and they are definitely women of mischief versed in the first two rules of travel: laugh first and don’t ever whine.”
    —ForeWord Magazine, (Whose Panties Are These?)

    Whose Panties Are These? isn’t niche, it’s freakin’ hilarious. Jen Leo has collected destructively funny stories of everything that can go really wrong on the road to women... Laughing at, and with, these gals’ misadventures is good karma for everyone. You’re probably next.”
    —Student Traveler Magazine

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Awards for the Leo Trio

  • The Thong Also Rises
    - Gold, 2005 ForeWord Book of the Year Award (Humor)
  • Whose Panties Are These?
    - Silver, 2004 ForeWord Book of the Year Award (Humor)
    - Finalist, 2005 IPPY Awards (Humor)
  • Sand in My Bra
    - Grand Prize, North American Travel Journalist Assoc.
    - 2003 Book Sense Travel Lit Bestseller List (#7 of 25)
    - 2003 Book Sense Wit, Satire, & Humor Bestseller List (#10 of 50)

Book & Media Info

  • What Color Is Your Jockstrap?
    Funny Men and Women Write From the Road
    Edited by Jennifer L. Leo
    Publisher: Travelers' Tales
    Publication Date: May 2006
    $14.95, paperback , 232 pages
    ISBN : 1932361-34-0

    Publicity Contact: Marcy Gordon
    Travelers' Tales
    TEL: 925-370-9498
    FAX: 925-229-9717
    [email protected]