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I've said many times that the disfavored should use black popular culture as a

I've said many times that the disfavored should use black popular culture as a "litmus test", for EVERYTHING they do is wrong and is leading them into damnation.
My belief about clone hosts is the gods sold individuals on this "clone host rotation", compelling people to believe that "earing" was the way. By the time they realized their mistake it was too late.
Life is a numbers game. Just as the gods use tactics to shave numbers, ensuring only an acceptable number of people from Earth are saved ("4.6%.") so will this be the case for those preditory disfavoreds who made the fateful decision and crossed the line from person to preditor. Consistant along the lines of god's preferences, expect the misled germans to have a far better chance than their Italian counterparts.
These preditors from the 20th century were allowed to "get on top of it", to learn and understand, and as a result the god's will of granting Planet Earth's imperialists some benefit WILL be realized. But their plan to compensate these tools was part of their script, for they consider their use instrumental in the capacity of executing their script for Planet Earth:::History demanded evil victimizers be necessary. Blacks won't be so lucky.
As recipients of these imperialist's brutality, as victims it is CRUCIAL blacks learn empathy!!! Instead they have adopted the charecteristics of those who prey upon them, and it will ultimately cost them their lives.
The gods need willing candidates whom they can run through their clone hosts in corporate, entertainment, etc who will NEVER begin to learn, never get on top of things as those from the 20th century did. Due to their status as recipients, because of their willingness to turn this abuse on others, blacks will not be allowed to learn. This plays into the god's positioning nicely because they need tools who will "go the distance", taking siociety and Planet Earth down sufficiently for the gods to justify ending on Planet Earth.
Much as they do now they will lie to them, tell them they will be compensated, for this is a CRUCIAL step in Earth's history, and they will need willing participants.
How blacks believe is a clue:::It's "our time", "we're next", etc.
The disfavored's short memory hurts us all, but it will be the end of blacks.


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