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Jen Leo

Excellent post. I'm still trying to figure out why I don't like the guy when I don't even know him.


Thanks Jen And I know exactly where you are on that.

Both sinners and saints play poker. And I'm guessin' championship bracelet winners make up the spectrum; from Amarillo Slim to "Jesus":) As the final table was set, Gold was hardly my pick for poker's spokesperson of the year. And I feel we've been lucky on the front in the past couple of years. But in the end, it's a poker tournament and not a popularity contest. It is what it is.


I stumbled upon Gold, I believe, in at least Day 2 and possibly Day 1. When I first met him, he made no bones about the fact that he was a celebrity playing for Team Bodog. From a poker perspective, he seems much more like one of us than Raymer as an example (who I view more as a theoretician/wonk 2+2er type). He seemed to be someone trying to get better, but much more proficient than the masses of online qualifiers. IMO, the Media Room turned on him fairly early on due to his crew/Mom and the sizable chip advantage he was building. The Main Event seemed to be a contest where many players would put their stack out for the taking, and Gold was more than happy to do the taking. He got a security force in Day 4 as they suddenly were sitting in the bleachers in the Media row (where I'd been sitting). There could have been significantly better players who could have taken the title, but probably only a few in the last 45 who would have been significantly qualified. Figure Cunningham, Brenes, O'Donnell, Lisandro, and Friedman (probably Lynch as well and maybe Friberg). Should the Bodog/Buzz Nation team done more to spin and position Gold while we were all there? Surely the Wicked PR guys could hear the rumblings. Regardless, now they need to move forward with a good gameplan to repair the damage done with Gold. At the very least, they need to anticipate that Gold comes out of the ESPN broadcasts looking less than golden.

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